About Constantin project


Constantin project's mission is to connect only the best money managers and investors all over the globe.
Only the best trading strategies with third party verified and constant profitable results are presented on this website.

Who is it for?

Investing in managed forex accounts is appropriate for companies and individuals who would like to benefit from professional managers trading skills in exchange for performance fee. Trading by yourself without expert knowledge in financial markets is almost destine to end with loosing money in your trading account.

What we do?
Help retail investors gain profits on forex market
Bring institutional quality of trading to retail clients
Help with coordination in the account opening process
Presenting only licensed Money managers
Presenting only verified trading strategies
Communicating in transparent fashion
Taking care of client communication so Money managers can stay focused on trading

There are numerous  scams in forex industry, taking advantage of uneducated people who want to get involved in trading. We would like to help make a change, by providing legit, transparent business and educate retail investors about broker regulations and strategy verifications.