Managed Forex Account Constantin Athena

Constantin Athena


Average Monthly ROI: +2.80%

MAX DD: 17.95%

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Available in February 2020

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Verified Trading Performance

Total return:


Average monthly ROI:


Max DD:


Trading live since:

November, 2018

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Disclamer: Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Australia / SVGFSA Reg. No. 24172 IBC 2017

Trading at international broker


Blackwell Global


United Kingdom


Financial Conduct Authority, UK (FRN: 687576)

Operating since:


Australia / SVGFSA Reg. No. 24172 IBC 2017

Minimum Deposit & Fees

Minimum deposit:


Performance fee $5k - $25k:

30% with 1.5 pip markup

Performance fee $25k - $50k:

25% with 1.5 pip markup

Performance fee $50k +:

20% with 1.5 pip markup

Markup cashback:

Receive 0.5 pip cash-back from every trade. Commission is payed to your separate brokers account.

Australia / SVGFSA Reg. No. 24172 IBC 2017

Athena Strategy Description

This trading system is 100% automated.

The traiding system works inside Microsoft SQL. It uses MT4 to get the tick data into the database and then processes and uses MT4 script to pass the trades to the broker.

At first it checks where the price is going and if down then opens small buy-trades and if prices goes up then it closes all the trades with profit. If continues down it opens as well a few bigger sell trades and then closes all with profit. If turns before that the system makes a turnaround and opens small sell-trades and after a while a bit bigger buy trades. If coming back before closing all with profit then closes the buy trades and closes then all trades after a while with those profitable sell trades.

The system trades about 30 currency pairs depending which ones are available with the broker. Each pair follows the same strategy but parameters are dynamic so they are following the dynamics of each currency pair.

While trading 30 currency pairs each drawdown of a single currency pair is happening independently and the drawdowns are not happening at the same time which reduces the risk and drawdown affect as a total.The amount of trades on the account is on average 200 trades per day. Also, on a 100k account the system trades about 50-100 lots per month and makes usually close double-digit % profits on average normally. About 500-1500 trades are open all the time so equity is always usually behind the balance and DD is varying. This is not scalping, average trade time is about 2-3 days. Every trade is adjusted according to the equity on the account. This way the increasing profit is always included and so increasing the total profitability as well as decreasing the affect of drawdowns.

This is very simple function description, the system has thousands of lines of mathematical code. So it works with single trades and with bums as well.

Please notice that when you join to this strategy you will join in the middle of the trading. The first weeks and perhaps a few months would take your equity a bit down and it also fluctuate alot. Most of the pairs will trade nicely most of the time, but sometimes one pair or two pairs are floating for a while and it can cause some DD. It will always be corrected in the long term since the trading system checks long trends that every fx pair is having.

Draw down period is compensated with the very active trading and the fact that we pay our clients 0.5 pip from the spread back on monthly basis, which will give you (the client) constant cash flow. Bigger clients with a dedicated account also experience lots of fluctuations in the starting period or trading. You can see this typical behaviour of this trading system at the beginning of the Athena myfxbook link and the early months trading.

Australia / SVGFSA Reg. No. 24172 IBC 2017

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Australia / SVGFSA Reg. No. 24172 IBC 2017
Custom tailored risk setup available for deposits above $200k

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