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Constantin Hybrid


Estimated Monthly ROI: +7% to +10%

Estimated MAX DD: 50%

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Verified Trading Performance

Total return:

New account

Estimated Monthly ROI:

+7% to +10%

Estimated Max DD:


Trading live since:

January, 2020

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Disclamer: Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Australia / SVGFSA Reg. No. 24172 IBC 2017

Trading at international broker


Tier1FX International




Company registration number 53475

Clients funds deposit:

Fully segregated clients’ funds, held at a reputable European bank.

Operating since:


Equity protection:

Yes (investor can set custom equity protection)

Australia / SVGFSA Reg. No. 24172 IBC 2017

Minimum Deposit & Fees

Minimum deposit:

€1.000 (until 29.February 2020)

Performance fee $3k - $50k:

35% with 0.8 pip markup

Performance fee $50k - $250k:

25% with 0.8 pip markup

Performance fee $250k +:

20% with 0.8 pip markup

Australia / SVGFSA Reg. No. 24172 IBC 2017

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Australia / SVGFSA Reg. No. 24172 IBC 2017

Hybrid Strategy Description

Hybrid strategy is a symbiosis of two forex trading strategies, both with years of consistent positive verified results, trading on real live accounts.

We have put the best two trading approaches into one hybrid strategy, to help us and our clients achieve financial goals. Both strategies performed extremely well during their live trading. They have made several million $ each, over the past few years.

Strategy A is a grid trading style strategy

Strategy A MyFXbook Verified Results

Start in 2015 with higher risk approach resulted in 6 months performance of 109% with drawdown of 49% July 26%, August 30, September 26%, October 7%, November 8%, December 12%

Again we produced 109 % with the same drawdown level of 51% January 14%, February 26%, March 37%, April 8%, May -44% , Jun 19%, July 10 %, August 10%, September 8%, October 4%, November 3%, December 4%

We closed positive of 97 % with biggest drawdown of 18 % from peak to valley and worst month was – 3% January 0, February 3.5%, March 17%, April 16%, May 8%, Jun 13%, July -3, August 16%, September 13%, October 3.4%, November 5.5%, December 5.6%

We closed 98% profits with 43% of drawdown months with following results: January -12, February 9.6%, March 7.8%, April 2.4%, May 10%, Jun 6.6%, July 7.14%, August 7.9%, September 4.6%, October 11.8%, November 6.4%, December 11.2%

We closed 66% profits with 25% of drawdown months with following results:
January 4.4% , February 6.3%, March 9%, April 5%, May 7.31%, Jun 6%, July 6%, August 6.5%, September 2%

Strategy B trading style

Averaging +26% profit on monthly basis with 54% drawdown. Trading live since February 2018. Extremely profitable strategy on major and most liquid currency pair with maybe the best risk vs return ratio in the moment.

With the risk of 60% last year made over 250% that is exceptional result. Strategy runs from 2018 and during this two years we do have over 1:4 risk vs return and we can say that in last 10 years no strategy have performed like this.

Australia / SVGFSA Reg. No. 24172 IBC 2017

Plan Your Investment

Compounding calculation, for demonstration purpose only. Past Performance Is No Guarantee of Future Results.

Australia / SVGFSA Reg. No. 24172 IBC 2017

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